Welcome to Season 2!

No nonsense perspective

Lady Grey explains to us how to be our best selves! Self care is not selfish!

I'm Living for Lady Grey!

What a delightful podcast and concept. I feel honored to be in the company of such esteemed guests! The questions are interesting and I stay engaged throughout. I love it!

More inspiring women just at the right time!

There’s never enough stories of inspirational women, so I’m glad to find a podcast showcasing just that! Amazing!

Like Having Coffee With Your Dear Friend

Allow me to start off by identifying my bias for anything LJ Grey; but, this podcast is a delight to listen to and a sweet balsam to soothe a soul weary of 2020. I started with the Helene Wecker interview and found myself agreeing out loud and wishing that I was sitting with these two women and participating in the conversation. Helene’s candor and discussion of her creative process resonated with me, and Lady Grey’s questions were provocative and her comments kept the words flowing. It was a most enjoyable podcast interview to listen to - thank you, Helene Wecker and LJ Grey! I’m a subscriber, and can’t wait to hear more!

Allow yourself to be inspired

Simply put: while listening to these episodes, I find myself thinking, “These are some absolutely incredible people and I’ve got so much to learn.” And yet, I’m not dismayed or discouraged; I’m inspired to rethink and reconsider. Looking forward to more!

Great listen

A great listen on a variety of topics with very interesting and original guests. I’m looking forward to the next episode to hear more about how others Carpe Diem in an Outrageous way!

Motivation to Create at its Finest

Listening to the first two episodes was so motivating! I don’t normally listen to podcasts and this kept my attention and for good reason. The conversation is simple and easy to follow and the interviewees are simply awe- inspiring with their stories. They definitely personify Lady Grey’s mission to live life outrageously.

No plan B

Interesting interview. insight into the artists world.


It was so wonderful and inspiring to hear about the history of Dark Garden. I also love the idea of “radical inclusion,” and the reminder that Feminism’s greatest gift was that of “choice.” Thank you so much for this!

Guest interview Autumn

She's lovely and sounds so sultry

No Plan B for artistry just PIVOT! Yes!!

No Plan B with Christian Thompson is worth the listen, making sure he preserved his focus on creating by using Covid time to hone in on his passion and not getting stuck or discouraged is the mark of a maverick. This is a time where people can emerge by braving the storm of 2020 & he may be young but you wouldn’t know it by his level of insight. Looking forward to see his future work beyond ATP and his dream roles!

Real Convos with Inspiring Guests

Lady Grey is an excellent hostess as she interviews her guests that are outrageousy sucessful yet real and inspiring to listen to. I like how these people live big lives and share their experiences and views in approachable and entertaining ways. Subscribed and looking forward to future guests!


So much love for this podcast!! Sarah is amazing.

Christian Thompson

The episode with Christian Thompson was intimate yet accessible. I came away impressed with his story. Can’t wait to see who else is on deck.

Really inspiring during a grim time <3

As a performer grieving community and the richness of live performance and art this was such a pick me up. It’s a nice reminder that creators are still creators and artists are pivoting gracefully, because that’s what they do. Thanks for making this podcast!

Engaging and Relevant

My favorite podcasts are the ones that don't just entertain you, but also engage you as a listener. Live Outrageously fits the bill perfectly. Lady Grey and her guests bring the audience stories and experiences to connect with, reflect on, and learn from on a personal level, and in an informal style that allows the listener to feel like they're part of the conversation, sitting across the table from a couple of friends getting to know each other better over a cup of coffee. Only a couple of guests in, and I'm already hooked. I'm excited to see what other sort of fascinating and outrageous people Lady Grey will introduce us to!

Great podcast!

Really entertaining and engaging. Loved the interview with Christian Thompson! Great questions from Lady Grey. The podcast was relaxed and believable, start to finish, offering a lot of practical insights for anyone willing to listen. I will be eagerly anticipating every interview that’s posted.

Fascinating conversations with creative voices

I loved hearing perspectives from people I haven’t heard before - these aren’t just creative and interesting people to learn about - Lady Grey digs below the surface to the heart of some tough conversations about gender, race and how we choose to live. I can’t wait to see where these conversations go and who else joins the podcast!

Inspiring and fun!

Fantastic conversation with some of the most beautiful minds of our time! Lady Grey herself is quite the entertainer, but listening to her pick the brains of these amazing artists, entertainers, designers, authors and athletes is inspiring. Lady Grey reminds us never to settle and to always reach for our goals — and to live outrageously!

Great conversations with bold, courageous people

This podcast drew me in with the promise of fascinating conversations with creatives who live outrageously —- and it didn’t disappoint! Lady Grey’s guests have such great stories to tell and guidance to give about living boldly and having the courage to chase dreams and live authentically. Definitely worth a listen!

A must listen podcast

Life advice for the new age! Subscribe, and enjoy!


Just listened to my First Lady Grey podcast and WOW what a refreshing and conversational podcast! I love podcasts that sound like you, the listener, are part of the conversation. Lady Grey guides the conversation beautifully but allows her guests to truly be the main focus of the conversation. The best way I can explain this podcast is, it’s like a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold day! You just want to settle in, listen and then conquer the world! Christians take on performing, pivoting and finding your way as a performer not only through the pandemic but through the life of a performer as well gives us the hope we need right now.


Great podcast, clear voices, much needed reminders / life lessons, refreshing take on topics, different but in a good way!

the many forms of living outrageously

A lovely escape from the daily work of surviving pandemic. Lady Grey allows her guests to share how they have pushed boundaries in big and small ways. Helping to connect what can appear mundane to its greater impact. Living outrageously takes many forms - I look forward to hearing more of them!

Perfectly Outrageous

It's great to hear about someone who built a business and still has a passion for creating and living to their fullest.

Lady Grey is the Best ❤️

I’ve been lucky to have Lady Grey as a mentor for over a decade now. I’m delighted to hear her wisdom shared in a new way through these podcasts!

Beauty is Transformative

I could be biased because of my adoration for Lady Grey’s first guest, but I am in love with this podcast already. The pace flows so well, weaving stories, experiences, and advice. This is the perfect way to inspire me to push towards my own goals to be happier in life and career.

So Soothing

I love the ways that Lady Grey’s guests (and their families - I’m in awe of Christian’s mom) have lived outrageously. Also, their voices are so smooth and soothing. A good podcast for 2020 since it is calm and optimistic at the same time!

I can’t wait for more!

Live Outrageously with Lady Grey is a perfect blend of entertainment, inspiration, and practicality! I loved contemplating how I might apply the guests’ tips, tricks, and advice to my own life and goals. Looking forward to what comes next!

Sheer Perfection!

This podcast is absolutely stunning in its relatability to people as human beings. Even if someone isn’t familiar with a topic being discussed, the easy communication between Lady Grey and her guests is phenomenal, and it draws the listener in!