Welcome to Season 2!
March 31, 2021

Facing Your Fears with Lady Grey

Facing Your Fears with Lady Grey
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Lady Grey shares her practical everyday advice on facing your fears and finding courage to live outrageously. Learn some strategies to really take the world by storm directly from a certified coach who works on empowerment with women all over the country. 

* FREE LIVE OUTRAGEOUSLY COURSE! Quiet Your Mind: Mindfulness and Meditation
* Meditation App : CALM(offers meditations, breathing exercises, nature sounds, etc.)

* Paris Retreat Info & Registration: paris.liveoutrageously.com

Lady Grey is an award-winning international entertainer and educator. She has been at the helm of numerous performing arts organizations and has performed everywhere from Broadway to the Sydney Olympics. She currently serves as Artistic Director of Lady Grey's Lovelies and leads sell-out retreats  (Outrageous Adventures for Outrageous Women).

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